Armor & Protection

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Do you want your Jeep to be more than just a monster rock-climbing machine that can easily overcome and smash any off-road obstacle? Here at 4×4 Parts Master, we have the best exterior parts available for your next off-road adventure. Jeeping is all about the apprehension that builds up before going off-road. Then it turns into excitement as your journey takes you up steep mountain passes and crags and bogs.  It’s rewarding to test your abilities, but before your wild adventures turn your Jeep into a hunk of junk, buy Jeep Wrangler replacement tires and roll cages. Don’t stop there, add some body armor to keep you and your passengers safe when the terrain gets rough, or the driver in front of you starts throwing stones. 4×4 Parts Master has a huge stock of parts and expertise to help you find exactly what you need.